BREAKING: Second Daughter of ‘Sons of Guns’ Star Will Hayden Now Also Makes Rape Allegations

September 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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As previously reported, one of the stars of the now canceled Sons of Guns TV show, Will Hayden has been arrested twice now on allegations of the rape of a child for allegedly raping his teenage daughter multiple times.

Now Hayden’s adult daughter, Stephanie, is also alleging rape.

According to TMZ (who has covered this story with perfect accuracy from the beginning),

Stephanie Hayden is now claiming she too was sexually abused as a child by her father, Will Hayden … and will be providing information to law enforcement to aid in the prosecution of her dad … TMZ has learned.

Stephanie — who appeared on the Discovery reality show “Sons of Guns” with her father — originally came to Will’s defense last month after he got arresed for the alleged sexual abuse of his 12-year-old daughter

It’s common for victims of sexual abuse to lie about the incidents at first. Many feel ashamed and blame themselves for the crime. In this case, the family will also likely lose much of the fame and fortune which was built up due to Sons of Guns. So there was a lot on the line.

Stephanie will likely meet with investigators next week and make a statement about the alleged abuse.

Hayden is currently in custody after his teenage daughter told authorities that Hayden repeatedly raped her, including taking her virginity when she only 11 years old.

Red Jacket Firearms has legally separated from Hayden and Discovery has already canceled the Sons of Guns television show. So the family has already lost their business, their TV show and will likely lost the fortune they’ve amassed in attorney’s fees and court fees.

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