[Video] Troy Pump Action AR-15 (PAR-15) Captured on Video

May 8 2014
by GSL Staff
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Last month we reported that Troy Industries was going to be offering a pump action, AR-15 styled rifle. The specifics were unknown, but thanks to a video posted by Tactical Life, we have some more information.

We now know that the release for the action is directly under the trigger guard and that the actual pump handle is equipped with rails (although I’m not sure what I’d want to mount there).

Obviously, the point of the rifle is to allow people who live in anti-freedom states to have an AR-15 styled rifle that can probably get a pretty decent rate of fire going.

I’m sure with some practice, a very quick rate of fire could be achieved with these, and there might even be a hint of better reliability than a standard AR since you aren’t having to worry about gas systems, fouling, etc. It should also keep your BCG and chamber a lot cleaner since the excess gases will stay away from that area.

Also, without the need for a buffer spring system you’d be free to have a variety of stocks to make it compliant in various states.

I’m sure reloaders might also be interested in this platform. With a manual action, you could work up some very light, easy to shoot loads without worrying about whether they would cycle the gas system. The rifle could make an interesting (if not expensive) suppressed SBR setup as well with light, quiet loads.

Here is the description from the TROY website,

The TROY Pump Action Rifle takes the ergonomics and versatility of the country’s most popular rifle design, the AR-15, and employs them in a new type of manually operated rifle. The TROY PAR allows for great sporting and defense applications in areas where legal ownership of the standard, semi-automatic modern sporting rifles such as AR series have been legislatively limited.

TROY’s PAR featurues a TROY Alpha-style handguard with a full top-rail with integrated pump action. The folding stock is adjustable for either right or left side fold, and telescopes in 5 length positions.

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