[Video] Springfield XDS Review by nutnfancy – “The 60yd Pocket Pistol”

January 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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Here’s a pretty in depth field review of the Springfield XDS by nutnfancy.

I know, most people have pretty strong opinions about nutn one way or the other. It seems people either hate or love his review style. However, one thing that is not in question, this guy puts his hands on a bunch of gear and puts it through its paces.

Here is the description from the video (paragraph breaks added by me to make it more readable),

Effective range 60 yds. And that’s remarkable for a pocket pistol. This was proven in TNP through tactical drills. Some great pistol designs can do this too, but like the XDS they have design elements done right.

In another one-of-a-kind tabletop, you will see and learn all about the outstanding Springfield XDS design. In enters the TNP Hall of Fame for Best Carry Pistols. Available in 9mm (preferred for efficiency), .45 ACP, and soon .40 SW, all versions are essentially the same.

Ergos, weight, sights (excellent), accuracy, firepower and everything else that matters here is covered. Expect amazing reliability for the XDS…we saw it, even when dunked in the snow and ice. Value is good. From the discussion and a lot of testing video, you’ll see the XDS deserves these accolades.

///////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 9 out 10///////////

The inevitable YouTube response: “hey I/you could shoot it further than 60 yds” TNP Response: I doubt seriously you’d hit anything and even if you did the power is so diminished it would be a stupid shot. We shot this at a 100 yds and hit with it but it’s totally unrealistic and stupid in real life. It’s only a 3.3″ barrel and you should probably just run away then

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