[Video] Range Time With Glock 41 and 42 – SHOT Show 2014 Range Day

January 13 2014
by GSL Staff
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Well, I got to get hands on with the infamous Glock 42 and the somewhat less talked about Glock 41 at Media Day at the Range at SHOT Show today.

I still wish the Glock 42 was a single stack 9mm, however, I will say I am impressed with Glock’s single stack platform based on the very limited amount of time I spent with it.

This is not a review by any means. I would need to spend significantly more time with both guns and put far more rounds down range to do a legit review.

This is more of an initial impressions post.

Glock 42:
– Feels great in the hand. I prefer single stacks generally so this is no surprise for me personally.
– The trigger feels the same as the standard, double stack Glocks. I had some concerns that the trigger may feel different due to the gun’s scaled down size.
– Very, very light felt recoil. This is probably a combination of the fact that I’m used to shooting 9mm and .40SW on the Glock platform and the fact that it was .380. However, it did seem to be lighter than most other pocket .380’s I’ve tried.
– Still not a 9mm 🙁

Glock 41:
– Feels a lot like the Glock 21. Maybe if I shot them side by side I could tell more of a concern.
– The extra sight radius should, in theory, increase practical accuracy
– The extra barrel length should give the big .45 round just a bit more velocity and force which is always a good thing for a home defense gun

All in all I think the 42 is going to be a win for Glock because there are still a lot of shooters who like .380 and love Glock. For my money, I’ll be holding out for the 9mm version.

The 41 is more of a specialized gun, but it’s another option for shooters, particularly competitors, who shoot .45 and want to do so in a Glock platform.

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