[Video] Here It Is, Hickok45, the Glock Master, Reviews the Glock 42

January 24 2014
by GSL Staff
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If there is one person whose review of the new Glock 42 I was looking forward to, it’s Hickok45. Hickok shoots and carries Glocks (along with a full variety of other firearms) and I think he has an in depth review video for pretty much every model of Glock there is.

Now, just a week after SHOT Show where the G42 was unveiled, Hickok already has a pretty in depth review up on his Youtube channel.

Of course, you get to see the man himself run plenty of rounds through it on camera, but more importantly to many people, he actually gives you an on camera size comparison between the G42 and a variety of other .380 pistols. He also shows that there might be a slight issue with the slide locking back when using more powerful cartridges such as offerings from Buffalo Bore.

I think all in all, Hickok’s initial assessment of the 42 is similar to mine (see my SHOT Show video below). I wish the gun was chambered in 9mm. I’m sure that version is coming and I think Glock’s reasoning for releasing the .380 first is probably due to the popularity of that rounds outside of the US. In many countries, it’s illegal for citizens to own any firearm in a military caliber, and 9mm is considered a military caliber by many countries. This is why you still see a lot of .380, .32, and .25 guns in Europe and other places.

The gun is super, super soft shooting. I’d say the gun, using standard pressure target ammo, shoots just a touch harder than a .22 target pistol. The muzzle rise is virtually non-existent. I can certainly see someone who is recoil sensitive, such as an elderly shooter, or a smaller female shooter who wants to use a Glock, but isn’t comfortable with a 9mm or larger caliber being attracted to this gun.

The gun is a good bit bigger than most it’s competitors. This is part of what makes it such a soft shooting gun. For the size, I wish Glock had been able to squeeze at least one more round into that magazine.

All in all, the G42 marks one of the biggest changes in the Glock line of all time, however I will personally be holding out for the single stack 9mm (which will hopefully be 6+1 as well).

If you’re interested in the amateur version of the Glock 42 review, check out my video below, although you do get to see Team Glock shooter KC Eusebio run some rounds through it on camera.

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