[Video] Definitive Review of the Remington R51 by Military Arms Channel – Safety Concerns?!

April 14 2014
by GSL Staff
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As you guys know, the purpose of this blog isn’t to be a gun review blog. I do have a Youtube channel where I do some reviews, but for the most part it’s only products I actually use or things I think are really cool. There are a lot of guys who do the review thing much better than I do. One of those guys is Tim from Military Arms Channel.

In this video, Tim takes a look the Remington R51 pistol. This is Remington’s entry into the sub-compact 9mm market.

Prior to the SHOT Show, the R51 was one of the most hyped, most talked about pistols being unveiled. Unfortunately, Remington didn’t have any R51’s out at Media Day at the Range for us media folks to actually shoot. That was seen by many as perhaps being a red flag that the gun wasn’t quite ready for live fire testing.

Following SHOT, some reviewers began getting testing and evaluation units. The initial results were a mixed bag of issues, and a few reviewers actually really liked the pistol. However, reliability issues plagued various reviews.

Tim actually shot and handled three different R51 handguns and reportedly had issued with all three.

The thing that worries me the most is during the shooting portion of the review where the gun is shown not going into full battery on a regular basis. At one point it seems that the gun actually fires from an out of battery position resulting in a bulged case. As I’m sure you’re aware, a gun firing out of battery is one of the extremely rare situations that can produce a catastrophic failure. Scary stuff for sure.

Having handled, but not shot the R51, I was excited about the prospect of this pistol. I really liked the looks (it seems people either love the looks or hate them) and it was on my short list of guns to acquire in 2014. Based on some of the initial reviews, my excited for the gun had waned somewhat, however, I still held out hope that maybe it was user error, a bad batch of testing and evaluation guns, or maybe just early production issues. However, having watched tons of Tim’s videos before I know that he always does extremely thorough reviews with a lot of testing, so seeing his results has really turned me off on the gun completely.

Other issues that plagued the guns Tim tested – light strikes, double feeds, failure to return to battery, and extraction issues.

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