[Video] BREAKING: Unlisted Youtube Video on Glock’s Channel Confirms The Glock 42

January 4 2014
by GSL Staff
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Last week, we showed you the supposedly leaked photos of a Glock 42 from an unknown gun magazine. The photos seemed to show a single stack .380.

Some people called those photos into question due to the fact that Tenifer was listed as the finish material. Tenifer is no longer used as a gun finish in most countries. That was weird to us to and the only thing we can think is that it was a printing mistake in a first draft of the magazine’s issue.

Now it looks like we have confirmation. An unlisted video on Glock’s Youtube channel (that means it does not appear in search results or subscription feeds) seems to confirm what the leaked magazine photos have been saying: Single Stack .380.

Glock’s warranty supervisor Chris Reese is shown unveiling the gun and its features, theoretically at Glock’s Georgia location.

The video, uploaded late last night, currently has no description. Likely the uploader was waiting for the video to finish uploading and processing before finalizing everything and making it public, but we’ve got it for you here.

The gun appears to have Gen 4 features including the aggressive grip texture. It is not mentioned or shown if it has adjustable backstraps like the other Gen 4’s.

Once again, we would have liked to have seen a single stack 9mm and we’re hoping against hope that maybe there will be surprise SHOT Show announcement. Anyway, the G42, even as .380, will most likely be a winner for Glock as the sale of pocket sized .380’s by other manufacturers still seem to be brisk, especially among new shooters who may be intimidated by the current run of pocket 9’s.

Chris mentions that they will be fully unveiling the G42 at SHOT and we’ll do our best to get as hands on with it as possible for you guys.

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