[Video] 3D Printed AR-15 Fires Over 600 Rounds Successfully

March 7 2013
by GSL Staff
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Defense Distributed in Texas has been working on getting a working 3d printed AR15 lower ready for primetime and now they are closer than ever.

Last week they released a video and announced they have produced an AR15 lower receiver produced through 3D printing that has held up to over 600 rounds so far and could likely hold up to over 1,000.

The small lower receiver is the part of the AR15 that is actually considered a firearm. In most states you can actually create your own firearm for personal use (cannot be transferred) without going through the normal requirements for gun manufacturers. Viable 3D printing could really change the game of firearms manufacture, allowing people to produce gun parts at home as well as lowering production costs for many companies.

From the Defense Distributed tumblr feed, This is the first publicly printed AR lower demonstrated to withstand a large volume of .223 without structural degradation or failure. The actual count was 660+ on day 1 with the SLA lower. The test ended when we ran out of ammunition, but this lower could easily withstand 1,000 rounds.

Well if you want to see it action just checkout the following video. You’ll probably need to excuse the bad shooting form in the following video. I think they were just trying to get rounds down range as quickly as possible to test durability.


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