Remington Announces New R51 Pistol – Single Stack, Blowback Style 9mm

January 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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R51-Profile-LeftI’ll be honest here. I’m kind of a sucker for blockback style pistols with fixed barrels such as the Walther PPK and the Makarov. Those guns are two of my favorite “cool factor” guns, but more modern designs always win out for practical applications.

However, that may be changing now that Remington has announced the R51 pistol.

This is Remington’s entry into the single stack, pocket pistol market, and it’s pretty exciting (for me at least).

The folks over the Firearms Blog did an excellent writeup on the pistol based on their time spent with it during Remington’s recent seminar unveiling their new firearms for 2014.

According to the Firearms Blog,

The mechanism of the model 51 is unique and only used in one handgun and that’s the model 51. The layout of the Remington 51 is similar to the Walther PPK pistol in the use of a stationary barrel and recoil spring surrounding the barrel. However, the unique feature is the use of a locking breech block within the slide. When the pistol is in battery, the breech block rests slightly forward of the locking shoulder in the frame. When the cartridge is fired, the bolt and slide move together a short distance rearward powered by the energy of the cartridge as in a standard blowback system. When the breech block contacts the locking shoulder, it stops, locking the breech. The slide continues rearward with the momentum it acquired initially. This allows chamber pressure to drop to safe levels while the breech is locked and the cartridge slightly extracted. Once the bullet leaves the barrel and pressure drops, and the continuing motion of the slide lifts the breech block from its locking recess through a cam arrangement, continuing the operating cycle.

With a capacity of 7+1, +P ammo rating, and an MSRP of $389 (wow!) this one might be a BIG winner for Remington.

Hoping I can get some range time with one of these at the Media Range Day at SHOT Show in a couple of weeks.

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