Maker of 3D Printed AR15 Now a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer/Manufacturer

March 19 2013
by GSL Staff
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We recently reported that Defense Distributed used 3D printer technology to produce a receiver for an AR15 rifle that was capable of firing over 1,000 rounds.

Now the maverick gun makers are 100% legal to start selling their wares if they choose (it was already legal for them to make the guns for personal use).

The company’s license to sell as well as manufacture guns was finally approved by the federal government after a 6 month wait (the process reportedly takes around 2 months usually). It is unclear if the hold up was due to Defense Distributed’s products or due to increased volume of license applications in the current gun market.

3D printing could allow almost anyone to create a rifle for personal use (which requires no license, registration or serial # in many states) using only a 3D printer. These production machines have come down in cost recently and some can be had for as much as a high end personal computer.

Here is the video of one of the company’s rifle tests.


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