Love Gardening But Hate The Fact That There Are No Firearms Involved? Introducing the Flower Shell

December 24 2013
by GSL Staff
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If you’re like me, you probably enjoy gardening, but you’re disappointed with the lack of firearms involved in the process.

Thankfully, that problem is no more thanks to an upcoming product – The Flower Shell.

The Flower Shell is the creation of Per Cromwell and he is raising money to bring the product to market on the fundraising site Indiegogo. As of writing this, the project has already received the $5,000 in donations it needed, however, donations are still open.

Here’s the description from Indiegogo:

My name is Per Cromwell. I’m working at a innovation studio called Studio Total as innovator/artist. From early on I liked gardens more than gardening. Hour and hours of weeding, seeding and cutting and all I could think of was, how could this be made more fun? One day when seeding some meadow flowers it struck me, this could be made much easier, faster, better using a shotgun. Said and done, soon I had emptied a shotgun shell of led and filled it with flower seeds.

Reduced the amount of gun powder and when at it, designed a logo. People where laughing at my idea, the seeds will be crushed, they will go to deep, it will never work they said. Even my friends were sceptical, why would anyone want this they asked.

This only made me more motivated, I tested different seeds, different ways of closing the shell after modification, different amount of gunpowder, different angels of firing and different guns.

Walking through a field of meadow flowers, cornflowers, daisies and poppies an early summer sunday morning made me realise this was working. This flourishing field was my creation, it was all done with 142 shotgun shells. Finally I’ve cracked it, I was done. It worked.

Then some friends wanted to try it. Then some more, and then some friends of my friends.

I tried more seeds, started to sell some shells but mostly gave them away for testing.

Now I’ve come to a point where I’ve got so much attention about the shells, and the rumour about my shells has spread beyond my wildest dreams, orders are pouring in and I had to make up my mind.

Should I go for it or should I leave it as a fun and successful experiment? I decided to give it a try, after all, if there’s something missing in this weird world of ours, it sure ain’t flowers.

I’m proud to present a brand new Indiegogo project. Flower Shells.

Before you donate, be aware this project is out of Europe, and there might be some problems getting shells (even ones that shoot seed) through customs.

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