Ever Thought, “Man, I Really Need an Axe, but All I Have is This Handgun”? Fret No More

February 14 2014
by GSL Staff
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We’ve all been there. You need to split a log in just a few seconds, but all you have is your trusty sidearm.

What to do? You could always go back to camp, your vehicle, or your home, but forget that. You need this log dealt with, now.

Enter MeleeMods’ Tact-Axe and Ratchet. That’s right, hatchets that attach to your favorite handgun.

The Tact-Axe attaches to any standard picatinny rail. The Gatchet attaches to many handgun light/laser rails.

The Tact-Axe will set you back $120 while the Gatchet is a little less at $110.

According to the website, only 250 of each design was made and not all of those will be sold, so if this looks like it might your thing, better hop on it now.



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