Duck Dynasty Stars Team With Mossberg to Produce 12 New Guns, Including a “GASP” .22LR AR-15 Style Rifle

January 2 2014
by Dan Cannon
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The stars of Duck Dynasty certainly aren’t laying low following their recent media frenzy.

It’s been recently announced that the owners of Duck Commander have teamed up with Mossberg in order to produce a new line of guns, 12 to be exact.

Most of them are exactly what you would expect. Mossberg’s most popular hunting shotguns with a camo finish, Duck Commander branding, and catchy sayings engraved right into the receiver, such as “Faith. Family. Ducks.”

Nothing too surprising there. However, the anti-gun media does have their panties in a wad because the Dynasty stars are also lending their branding and promotion to two .22LR guns that slightly resemble AR-15 platform guns (but they’re really not that close at all other than some aesthetic features), see below.


According to a CNN article (Yes, they did an entire article),

The pistol and one of the rifles have military-style designs with large capacity magazines holding at least 25 rounds. The rifle has some of the features of an assault rifle, but with a relatively low .22 caliber.

Mossberg’s Web site says its .22-caliber pistol is “perfect for small game, plinking, target shooting — or clearing cottonmouths out of your duck blind.”

The guys are also teaming with Mossberg to produce pro-hunting, pro-gun, pro-freedom ads as seen above. As Phil says in the video, “Do you know what makes me happy, ladies and gentlemen?” he asks. “To blow a mallard drake’s head smooth off.”

Dan Cannon

Dan Cannon

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