Black Rain Ordnance Announced Their NY Legal AR-15… Not Terrible Looking

April 6 2014
by GSL Staff
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While I absolutely hate the fact that this thing exists in the first place, Black Rain Ordnance did a pretty good job working with what they had to make it look halfway decent.

This is one of two new models being introduced by the Missouri gun maker for the New York market.

The features that were removed from the standard AR-15 to turn it into the thing you see above are:

– No Pistol Grip
– Non Threaded Muzzle
– Fixed Stock
– 10 Round Low Capacity Approved Magazine
– NEW Black Rain Ordnance, Inc. Lo-Pro gas block without the evil bayonet lug [lolz]


Don’t get me wrong, the way this thing is designed is butt ugly, but what Black Rain did with it at least attempts to make it look like something someone might want to own. At least this is a way New Yorkers can own an AR style rifle (I’m using the term AR style very loosely).

It looks like BRO will offer the NY Compliant option on a variety of their rifles, including some of their piston rifles and their AR-10 rifles.

I am curious to see how the ergonomics are on this configuration. The AR platform is designed to be ran using a pistol grip and the controls are positioned in such a way that they are easily reachable from said pistol grip. I’d have to shoot one to know for sure.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 5.07.51 PM


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