Americans Are Buying Russian AK’s in Record Numbers

August 16 2012
by GSL Staff
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The Izhmash company (they make Russian AK 47’s and other weapons) is extremely happy about the high rate of gun ownership in the Unites States. Over 70% of the company’s production is dedicated to the production of semi automatic, civilian rifles. This is a 50% increase in civilian rifle production over the last 2 years. Forty percent of these rifles are bound for the United States.

Why are Americans buying these weapons in record numbers over the last few years?

We think there are several reasons.

Despite the fact that support for the Second Amendment is at an all time high in the US there is always fear that a ban on certain kinds of weapons will take place. This has created a feeling that if you think you might ever want to own one of these rifles, you better buy one now. Even if there is not an outright ban, many people fear there may be an import ban at some point (like the weapons import ban we currently have on Chinese weapons) making the rifles more rare.

The AK rifle is also affordable and has a history of reliability, making it an obvious choice for the first time rifle buyer.

As Josh Laura, a former Marine from Maryville, Tenn., told the New Yourk Times, “I bought a Saiga because it was made in Russia, right beside its big brothers, the AKs. No rifle in the world has been as reliable as this one.”

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