3D Printed 10/22 Rifles Are a Reality

March 30 2015
by GSL Staff
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The world of 3D printing is evolving at a breakneck pace. What started out a couple of years with basic, single shot firearms that were not very practical has turned into technology would could revolutionize the gun industry.

In this case, a 3D printed 10/22 (based on Ruger’s popular rifle) has been printed and fired with factory parts/accessories. The folks over at PrintedFirearm.com have documented the whole process for the world to see. In fact, this project was actually started back in 2013, but there is now renewed interest in the project.

From their site:

These early prints were done in 2013 but with all the recent hype about 3d printed Ruger 10/22 Rifles being printed we wanted to confirm that yes its possible and we’ve done it before.

The CAD files for the Ruger 10/22 rifle receiver are in the latest Fosscad Megapack 4.7. An STL file was created directly from the solid model (IGES file) and was printed using Bolson black ABS (Below). Haveblue printed the receiver upside down so that the interior didn’t need any support material, and thus would provide as good a finish as possible.

Note: Please note local, state and federal laws may apply to 3D printed firearms depending on your location.

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