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  • October 06, 2014 | Comments
    Good Samaritan Who Was Changing a Tire Was Shot During Robbery, but Managed to Return Fire

    An unidentified good Samaritan in Cleveland, Ohio is in critical condition after being shot in the chest during an armed robbery attempt. It all started when the man tried to help two women change a flat tire. According to a local media report: The victim, who police say was assisting two females change a tire, was shot in the upper body, after suspects drove up in another vehicle, asking the trio asking [sic] for... Read More »

  • October 06, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] TX Homeowner Was Tied Up by Home Invaders, Manages to Escape, Shoots Two Suspects

    A homeowner in the Houston area of Texas faced a terrifying situation when three armed men burst into his home in broad daylight late last week. The homeowner was home with one of his roommate's sons when the suspects burst into the home, held the two at gunpoint and tied them up. Fortunately, the homeowner was able to escape and get himself to his gun safe when the suspects left the room where the victims were... Read More »

  • October 05, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Armed Bar Patron in Texas Ignores Carry Law, Shoots and Kills 2 of 4 Armed Robbers

    What's the saying? Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6? While we don't advise people to break carry laws it looks like doing just that might have saved some lives at a Texas bar. According to KHOU, Just after closing around 2:30 Saturday morning, four armed men barged in at EJ's Place demanding money. Instead, a customer inside the bar, which is located on the 16500 block of Kuykendahl Road, pulled out... Read More »

  • October 03, 2014 | Comments
    Resident Shoots 2 Home Invaders, Killing 1, as Family Member Begs 911 For Help

    A mother and her 9 month old child hid in a closet, begging a 911 operator to send officers as two home invaders broke into her home. Fortunately, another person at the home was also armed and was able to open fire on the two suspects. According to, Sandra Wilson said 25-year-old Markquis Hall was shot holding a gun as he tried to climb through a window after shooting at the home 90 minutes earlier.... Read More »

  • October 03, 2014 | Comments
    Son Defends His Mother and Young Girls, Shoots and Kills 1 of 3 Early Morning Home Invaders

    An early morning home invasion in Texas turned deadly, for the suspects that is. Three men burst into a home around 4:30am in Harris County, Texas. According to KHOU, Family members told deputies that their mother was in the kitchen cooking breakfast with three young granddaughters when the armed men broke in. The woman's adult son heard the commotion from his bedroom and grabbed his gun. "… and when he... Read More »

  • October 02, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Homeowner Opens Fire on School Skipping Teenagers Who Broke Into His Home

    A couple of Kansas City, Missouri teenagers thought that it would be a good idea to skip school and break into a nearby home. They quickly realized their decision was the wrong one. According to a local media report, The shooting happened about 10 a.m. Investigators say a man got a notification from his alarm company that something happened inside his home. It was the second time in two days someone had broken... Read More »

  • October 01, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Sheriff Praises Pharmacy Employee For Shooting Armed Robbery Suspect

    An armed employee at Family Pharmacy in Taney County, Missouri didn't waste any time when an armed robber burst into the business, waving a gun around and demanding pills. The armed employee drew his own gun and opened fire on the suspect, striking him once. After being shot, the suspect was much less inclined to continue the robbery and fled the business. Police were able to locate the suspect's car based on... Read More »

  • October 01, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Detroit Father of Four Shoots and Kills Intruder Who Was Choking His Dog

    An immigrant father of four in Detroit, Michigan used deadly force to defend himself, his home and his family early on Monday morning. According to local media reports, the father woke up to find an intruder in his backyard choking and attacking his dog. When the suspect noticed the father, he approached the home. That's when the father grabbed a gun and opened fire before the suspect could get to the home. According... Read More »

  • September 30, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Woman’s Boyfriend Shoots and Kills Her Estranged Husband When He Breaks In Carrying a Gun

    A Pittsburgh, PA woman's current boyfriend shot and killed her estranged husband when he broke into the woman's home this week. According to local media reports, According to police, the woman told 911 dispatchers that she believed her estranged husband had gotten into her home through a first-floor window. Police say that’s when the woman’s boyfriend, armed with a gun, came down the stairs and fired. “As... Read More »

  • September 29, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] “I Had to Defend My Home and My Child” – FL Woman Holds Intruder at Gunpoint

    Lizette Rosario didn't waste any time when she realized that someone was attempting to break into her Orange City, Florida home late last week. The mother of one grabbed a 9mm pistol and confronted a suspect at her back door. From WKMG, "I woke up frantic. The first thing I thought of was to grab my gun, defend my home, defend my child, and that's exactly what I went out there to do," Rosario said. "When you... Read More »