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  • April 07, 2015 | Comments
    [911 Call] GunsSaveLives Writer’s Attempted SWATting

    Let me begin this article with my story.  On March 5th I went outside with my body armor kit, AR15, camera equipment for a quick photo shoot.  I took an unloaded rifle, placed an empty magazine in it and took the photos I needed to take.  When I was finished with my rifle I removed the magazine from the rifle, took a few last photos.  I then picked everything up, and began walking to my house with camera bags over... Read More »

  • January 20, 2012 | Comments
    Conyers, GA Shopper shoots knife-wielding robber

    News Article: Verified personal account we acquired from the victim: I was at a friend's place getting ready to play Dungeons and Dragons and borrowed my friend's car to head to the nearest grocery store, an Ingles less than a mile away, to pick up some drinks for the night. I had my revolver (a Taurus .357 magnum) in a Fobus paddle holster covered up with an untucked polo... Read More »

  • August 18, 2011 | Comments

    This is a rare instance where we actually have both the news story and a personal account from the victim. News Story Personal Account From Victim (with photos of gunshot wounds) The robber was arrested and is currently serving a 75 year sentence. Thanks for sharing.