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  • December 11, 2014 | Comments
    Nevada: Secretary of State Approves Petitions for Universal Background Check Initiative

    The following story is via the NRA-ILA. Yesterday, the Secretary of State certified that the petitions submitted for an anti-gun initiative for the 2016 general election ballot are sufficient. This initiative was filed with the Secretary of State by the anti-gun “Nevadans for Background Checks,” likely affiliated with ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety” and seeks to criminalize... Read More »

  • December 04, 2014 | Comments
    Pop Tart Gun Bill Introduced in Texas

    I'm sure by now you've seen at least one story about a child being suspended, expelled, or otherwise punished for playing around at school with some kind of fake gun. The most famous case was when a Maryland second grader was suspended for chewing a Pop Tart pastry into the shape of a gun. Well, it looks like Texas is aiming to get rid of ridiculous outcomes like this and they're doing it in the legislature. According... Read More »

  • December 04, 2014 | Comments
    Michigan: House Judiciary Committee to Vote on Pro-Gun Bills Today

    Today, the Michigan House Judiciary Committee is expected to consider and vote on Senate Bills 964, 965, 966 and 979, part of the Air Gun Reclassification Package. Please contact members of the House Judiciary Committee TODAY in support of SB 964, SB 965, SB 966 and SB 979. The Air Gun Reclassification Package is an overdue fix to Michigan’s firearms statute and seeks to achieve pragmatic and much-needed reform... Read More »

  • December 03, 2014 | Comments
    Ohio: Possible Votes TODAY on Two Pro-Gun Bills in Senate Committee

    Today, December 3, the Ohio Senate Civil Justice Committee will hold additional testimony hearings on House Bill 234 and Senate Bill 338 with the possibility of a vote on them. HB 234, sponsored by state Representative Cheryl Grossman (R-23), would revise state law to allow a person to use a firearm sound suppressor while hunting in the Buckeye State.  Currently, more than half of the states across the country permit... Read More »

  • November 24, 2014 | Comments
    Ohio Schoolboard is Considering Arming Teachers

    A school district in Logan County, Ohio is considering a measure which would give teachers and staffers access to firearms on school grounds to use in case of an active shooter situation. The board is also hoping that the mere presence of the firearms would deter would-be mass murderers, who often look for the weakest and least secured targets. According to the Dayton Daily News: Teachers and staff members in... Read More »

  • November 21, 2014 | Comments
    Hunting With Silencers (Suppressors) Legal in Florida as of Today

    Hunting just got much more hearing safe in Florida. Hunting with silencers (suppressors) is now completely legal in the Sunshine State. According to the NRA-ILA: At their meeting in Key Largo, Florida, today, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted to remove the ban on using silencers/suppressors on pistols and rifles for hunting deer, gray squirrels, rabbits, wild turkeys, quail and crows. Using... Read More »

  • November 19, 2014 | Comments
    BREAKING: Russia Changes Gun Laws to Allow Carry For Self Defense

    Earlier this week we announced that Israel was relaxing their gun laws to allow more people to carry firearms in public following a terror attack in Jerusalem. Now, Russia seems to be following suit. Russia will not allow citizens to carry firearms for self defense according to reports published today. According to, In an amendment to its tough gun control laws, the Russian government eases restrictions,... Read More »

  • November 18, 2014 | Comments
    BREAKING: Israel Will Relax Gun Carry Laws Following Terror Attack

    It looks like Israel is finally realizing that the best way to stop armed bad guys is with armed good guys. If you haven't yet heard, an attack last night on a Jerusalem synagogue left several people dead and several others injured. The terrorists were armed with edged weapons and could have likely been stopped if there had been an armed presence nearby. According to the Times of Israel: Public Security Minister... Read More »

  • November 18, 2014 | Comments
    State Police Will Not Arrest Protestors in Washington State Who Openly Exchange Guns at Capitol

    Last week we told you about the plans by Washington state protestors to meet at the state capitol and exchange guns as a mass protest of the state's recently passed universal background check law. Thousands of protestors are expected to show up the event and freely transfer, loan, buy, sell, and trade guns with other gun owners in protest of the law. Some people expected mass arrests to accompany the demonstration,... Read More »

  • November 14, 2014 | Comments
    BREAKING: Colorado Lead Ammunition Ban DEFEATED

    The NRA-ILA is reporting that a proposed lead ammunition ban in Colorado has been defeated. Today, during the scheduled Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission meeting, the Commission members voted against a proposal that would have banned the use of lead ammunition for your sporting purposes.  This misguided proposal was offered due to an emotional reaction, not one based on sound science and biological data. We... Read More »