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  • August 01, 2014 | Comments
    Kansas City, MO Unanimously Votes to Ban Open Carry

    Kansas City, MO made a move this week to outlaw the practice of openly carrying a firearm in public, for now anyway. According to The Kansas City Star, At Mayor Sly James’ urging, the City Council voted 9-0 Thursday to ban the “open carry” of firearms, saying Kansas City doesn’t need any more weapons on the streets. “This is not an environment where we need to have everyone armed to the teeth,” James... Read More »

  • August 01, 2014 | Comments
    ATF Investigates “Sons of Guns” Show & Red Jacket Firearms Over Missing “Insane Machine Gun”

    According a report by TMZ, the ATF stepped in to investigate reports of some missing guns that were related to Red Jacket Firearms and their Discovery television show, "Sons of Guns". The guns were reported missing to the ATF by their owner (some of the guns on the show are leased) after there was a shipping delay that held up getting the guns back from a show. One of the guns, which TMZ describes as an "insane,... Read More »

  • August 01, 2014 | Comments
    BREAKING: Massachusetts Lawmakers Pass Gun Control Bill

    Breaking news out of Massachusetts. The state legislature has officially passed a bill to make the state's gun laws stricter. The bill will now go to the governor. If you've been following the situation in Massachusetts you already know that anti-gun lawmakers in the state legislature have been angling to make MA's gun laws even tighter over the last week. One of the key provisions of the original bill was a clause... Read More »

  • August 01, 2014 | Comments
    GOA Calls Out Democrats For Ignoring Story About PA Doctor Who Stopped Mass Shooting

    The following is a press release from Gun Owners of America. (Springfield, VA) -- Gun Owners of America today chided the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee for holding hearings this week to push more gun control, while completely ignoring examples where guns save lives. A recent such case occurred on July 24 in Darby, Pennsylvania. “Dr. Lee Silverman saved countless lives after he incapacitated a patient... Read More »

  • July 31, 2014 | Comments
    BREAKING: Massachusetts Lawmakers Reach Back-Room Deal to Strip Gun Owners of Rights

    It looks like Mass. lawmakers have reached a last minute back-room deal to to attack the rights of Mass. gun owners. Both the state House and Senate had previously passed different versions of the bill. The House version contained language that would allow local police chiefs enormous leeway in determining who could own a firearm in their jurisdiction. The Senate version stripped this language. Unfortunately, behind... Read More »

  • July 31, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] YouTuber Fixes “Everytown” Domestic Abuse Ad With a Little Taste of Defensive Gun Usage

    Remember the ad created by Michael Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety a couple of days ago? The one that seemed like it was basically an ad for WHY women should be armed and know how to use a firearm? Well, it looks like one resourceful YouTuber has released a revised version, and it ends the way it should (see above). Regarding the original video, I made the following points, 1. When seconds count, the police... Read More »

  • July 31, 2014 | Comments
    Washington DC City Council Plans to Adopt Concealed Carry Laws Similar to New York City

    According to some statements published by the Washington Post, it looks like Washington DC lawmakers will create a set of concealed carry laws on par with very strict cities/states, such as New York. From WaPo, Meanwhile, while a variety of District officials have expressed dismay with the ruling and have made calls for an appeal, one D.C. Council candidate said that would be foolhardy. Kris Hammond, a Republican... Read More »

  • July 30, 2014 | Comments
    Gabby Giffords Blames Guns for Domestic Violence on Women

    Anti-gunners and Democrats in general seem pretty obsessed with this whole war on women thing. Now Giffords is bring guns into the "War on Women". In a recent editorial on, Giffords, along with co-writer Katie Ray-Jones, wrote the following, In our country, it's a sadly common story: An abuser or stalker gains access to guns and destroys the lives of women and families in our communities. That's why it... Read More »

  • July 30, 2014 | Comments
    REPORT: Pentagon Has Lost Track of Hundreds of Thousands of Guns Shipped to Afghanistan

    Seeing as how anti-gun the current administration has been towards American citizens it's very interesting that they seem hell bent on arming drug cartels, terrorists and other undesirables. According to a recent report, it seems that the Pentagon has lost track of as many as 203,000 small arms sent to Afghanistan over the last decade. According to The Washington Times, Over the past decade, the Pentagon has... Read More »

  • July 30, 2014 | Comments
    Senate Democrats Introduced a New Gun Control Bill Yesterday

    Hmmm, pushing gun control in an election year is risky business, even when you do it under the guise of preventing domestic violence. Yesterday afternoon, Senate Democrats unveiled a new gun control bill that would encourage states to more quickly and more aggressively confiscate firearms from anyone who had a temporary restraining order taken out against them. From a statement released by Sen. Time Kaine, Today,... Read More »

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