White House Planning MASSIVE Anti Gun Social Media Campaign – Let’s Intervene!

April 12 2013
by GSL Staff
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The White House is using a Social Media service which is scheduling a massive Twitter/Facebook campaign.

The campaign is designed to trigger automated messages on the pages of people who sign up at a designated time.

Here is the URL for the campaign (DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFO):

They are going to “Twitter-bomb” Twitter and create a strong presence on Facebook.

What we are proposing (hat tip: Reddit) is to take over their proposed hashtag.

If you are on Twitter use the hashtag #NowIsTheTime on all of your Tweets. This is the hashtag they will be using.

If you’re reading this site you can use the Tweet button at the top of the post to share any story on Twitter with the #NowIsTheTime hashtag prepopulated.

Go to our Self Defense Story Archive and Tweet as many stories as you can using the Tweet button at the top of each story (which will automatically include the hashtag). Do this EVERY DAY while the new gun control bill is being debated in Congress. Show them what law abiding citizens with guns actually do.

The White House is planning to use social media to make it appear they have more support than they do, don’t let them!

Use #NowIsTheTime on all of your tweets, take it over. If you don’t have a Twitter account, create one now. You can do so anonymously.

This plan is being organized on Reddit, Click Here to read the post.


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