What You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Protect the Second Amendment

April 29 2013
by GSL Staff
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There is so much talk on the future of gun control and Second Amendment rights going on right now that it is easy to become overwhelmed.

I get lots of messages from people wondering what they can do to help preserve the Second Amendment.

Most gun owners can think of most of these as common sense, however in our day to day lives we tend to ignore or forget many of these items.

We need to be doing all of these things on a regular basis in order to insure that our Second Amendment rights are now eroded.

Contact Your Representatives

Contact your lawmakers and let them know that you don’t support ANY new gun legislation no matter how minor or “common sense” it may seem. With many politicians constantly hearing numbers like, “90% of Americans support expanding background checks” it makes a world of difference when they actually hear from people who think otherwise.

Ruger has made this process very easy for you. Following this link (http://www.ruger.com/micros/advocacy/takeAction.html) to easily contact ALL of your elected officials with only a few button presses. If your spouse/partner/roommate/etc agrees with you, make sure they fill it out as well. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Also write your officials a handwritten letter and call their offices. In the case of state level politicians, try to schedule a meeting, coffee, or lunch with these folks. They will usually make time for their local constituents and it’s likely the most immediate impact on your rights will come at the state level.

Join Advocacy Groups

I know some people have problems with the NRA based on their past soft shoe approaches to “compromise”. However, the NRA has stood strong in this recent debate and has refused to cave in over even minor gun control issues.

We recommend joining the following organizations:

Teach a Non Shooter to Shoot

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do. Do you know someone who wants to learn how to shoot, or possibly someone who is anti gun or afraid of guns?

If so, take these people to the range! Pay their range fees and provide a gun and ammo for them to shoot (a 22 rifle or pistol is great for teaching with).

A few tips for teaching someone to shoot:

  • Go over safety rules and gun operation BEFORE you get to the range
  • Use a .22 or reduced power loads for the first few shots to allow the new shooter to get used to the firearm
  • Load only ONE round in the gun at a time for the first several shots. Many new shooters might have bad habits in regards to trigger and muzzle discipline at first, so only having one round in the gun at a time to start can help prevent accidents and promote confidence
  • Go to the range during a normally slow time so the new shooter isn’t overwhelmed by the sounds and sights of multiple people shooting simultaneously.
  • Most importantly, make it fun and safe!

Share Pro Gun Stories on Social Media

The average person probably only sees negative stories about guns on their Facebook or Twitter feeds. People are spending more and more time on these sites and are being influenced by the information they find there.

Share any pro gun story you can with your friends. We have almost 900 (YES, 900) categorized and summarized self defense stories in our Defensive Gun Use database. Share these stories with your friends and families so they can get a different voice about guns than the mainstream media. Show them guns are used for good more than they are used for evil.


As you can see, there are tons of ways you can support the Second Amendment on a daily basis. Try to do something every single day if possibly, and at minimum once a week.

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