What Happens When You Comply With Criminals – Miami Robber Tried to Execute Woman After She Gave Up Her Purse

February 11 2013
by Dan Cannon
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Anti gun politicians and officials will often tell you that no property is worth your life and you should always try to comply with violent criminals instead of fighting back.

I wonder what they would say to a Miami woman who was shot in the neck by an armed robber who tried to execute her after she gave up her purse and complied with his demands.

Fortunately the woman live through the initial ordeal, unfortunately due to the location of the bullet in her lower jaw she will have to have several surgeries, will be at a high risk for infection and other major complications, and may not be able to eat or speak normally for over a year.

If someone is pointing a gun at you and threatening violence against your person, you have to assume they mean business, and you have to be prepared to fight.

Dan Cannon

Dan Cannon

Founder & Editor at GunsSaveLives.net
Dan has combined his education and professional background in technology with his passion for shooting and personal rights to create one of the most read Second Amendment news websites online. His articles are also syndicated in The Daily Caller's "Guns and Gear" Section.

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