Two LA Deputies Suspended After Getting Drunk, Arguing With Each Other and Firing Guns Into Air

August 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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Many anti-gunners would have it so that only law enforcement officers could have guns. Stories like the following one illustrate why that’s problematic (and not meant to be an insult to the majority of officers who do a good job handling their responsibilities on a daily basis).

Apparently, two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies were camping in Prado Regional Park in California. The deputies were there independently and at different campsites.

At some point during the night, the two deputies got into an argument over loud music.

That’s when the guns came out. The deputies reportedly fired multiple rounds into the air during the course of the disagreement.

According to Inland News Today, alcohol played a factor in the incident,

The Los Angeles Times says the pair brought out their guns to settle a booze-fueled dispute over loud music and fired several shots into the air. No one was hurt.

According to reports the pair was arrested and suspended from their law enforcement positions with pay pending an investigation.

It is unclear if the pair came to the campsite together or if they just ran into each other while there.

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