Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray Calls for Nationwide Gun Control Efforts During Speech

September 18 2014
by GSL Staff
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Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray used the anniversary of the Navy Yard Shooting to renew his calls for gun control, not just in DC (which already has the toughest laws in the nation), but for the entire country.

Here are some of the comments Gray made during his speech.

“For me, it’s a wound that remains fresh. Residents of our city lost friends and neighbors; they lost mothers and fathers; they lost colleagues and they lost fellow church members.”

“Our country is drowning in a sea of guns.”

“Senseless gun violence like this is an all-too fact of life here in the District of Columbia and in the nation’s big cities. But it’s a fact of life that we need to stop accepting.

Why is it that these tragic occurrences never seem to move us any closer to ensure that guns don’t get in the hands of criminals or people who are mentally unstable?”

“I refuse to be silent that the time for passion is now, ladies and gentleman.”

“Guns are not the answer, ladies and gentlemen. Guns would not have saved the victims of the Navy Yard.”

Gray lamented the fact that Washington DC will have to put a carry permit process in place following the Palmer court case decision. However, as we reported yesterday, that process will likely result in very, very few permits actually being issued.

“Those laws are tough laws, and the laws of others are now under attack by Second Amendment advocates who believe in putting the rights of gun owners before community safety,” Gray continued, decrying how gunman Aaron Alexis was able to legally buy weapons in Virginia.

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