Virginia Liberal Calls For Naked Photos of Big Game Hunter Kendall Jones

July 11 2014
by GSL Staff
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Mike Dickinson,a self proclaimed liberal who says he is running for Congress in Virginia (although not on the Democratic nomination), made an interesting request on Twitter this week.

Dickinson asked for sex stories and naked photographs of big game hunter and Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones.

Jones has recently faced a social media backlash over posted photos of her big game hunts in Africa (which were all legal and all meat was eaten Kendall and her crew along with local villages). Here are the tweets in question.

Pretty sick and twisted stuff. I still hope this guy is trolling and doesn’t really believe the crap that he writes on Twitter.

Also, I highly doubt this fool has $100,000 sitting around ready to pay for sex tapes.

Dickinson has previously made disparaging remarks about gun owners, NRA members, conservatives, etc.

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