Vietnam Navy Vet Loses His Second Amendment Rights Due to 45 Year Old Misdemeanor

March 4 2013
by GSL Staff
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Sixty four year old Jefferson Schrader just wanted to buy a new shotgun for hunting when this whole mess began.

The Vietnam war vet enjoyed hunting near his home in North GA and wanted to buy a lighter gun, as his old, trusty 12 gauge was getting a bit heavy in his old age.

That’s when the trouble started. Schrader was contacted by the FBI and told he would need to send in his fingerprints to verify his identity. He did so.

Once the background check was completed it was found that Schrader was now considered a felon due to a misdemeanor from his time in the Navy.

Schrader punched a man in the face who had, along with the help of numerous others, attacked himself and his fellow sailors while they were at Annapolis. When in court, Schrader told the truth and was told by the judge he can’t take the law into his own hands. He was convicted a misdemeanor and fined $100.

Apparently in 1993 Maryland changed their laws and Schrader’s incident would now be considered a felony, and as such he has been stripped of his Second Amendment rights.

Even the ATF agent who had to tell Schrader what happened was in disbelief.

Now the Second Amendment Foundation is on the case and Schrader is hopeful a positive resolution can be made.

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