[Video] Non-Magnified Aimpoint Out to 600 Yards? Larry Vickers Says YES

July 10 2014
by GSL Staff
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Keep in mind this video from Larry Vickers is sponsored by Aimpoint, so take it with a grain of salt. However, the man, the myth, the legend does successfully show that Aimpoints (and red dot sights in general) can be effective in the 400-600 yard range even without magnification.

Now, keep in mind, Larry does have an experienced spotter working with him and guiding his shots, something you probably won’t have in the field when you’re trying to make shots like that.

Larry brings his classic personality to the table in this video and he seems genuinely excited about making those distance shots with nothing but a 4MOA red dot.

The sheer surprise that he hit at 600 is pretty funny. Not gonna lie, I’m not even sure I could see those targets with a non-magnified optic at those ranges, let alone get good hits on them.

Waiting for the folks complaining that the camera guy broke the firing line 180.

Also, it looks like Larry has dropped a few pounds recently which is good to see considering all of the haters who were criticizing his size for a while (not that it affected his ability to ring steel).

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