[Video] Young Woman From New York Changes Her Mind About Guns After Traveling the US

December 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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This one has been sent to us from a couple of readers and it looks like it’s making the rounds again.

I believe we actually shared this one on our Facebook page back in 2012 when it was first uploaded, but we didn’t have nearly the number of readers then that we do now (I think we had less than 10,000 Facebook Fans at that point), so let’s post it again.

This young woman from New York comes to the same conclusion about guns as many anti-gunners who actually take the time to learn about guns, spend time around them and keep an open mind.

She talks about growing up in New York and her experiences traveling the United States, specifically the South and how her opinions on guns changed as she was exposed to them more.

Here is the video description from Youtube,

It’s important to understand people’s different points of view and why the have them. I grew up thinking guns were dangerous but now I think they are an important tool for self defense.

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It’s always good to see someone converted to the side of common sense.

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