[Video] You Have to Hear What These NRA Protestors Said on Camera

April 18 2014
by GSL Staff
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Wow. Just wow. Dan Joseph at MRCTV went to interview some protestors outside of NRA headquarters (apparently these people are here on a regular basis).

Dan might have made these protestors look, well stupid. They sound freaking stupid.

No rational arguments, strictly emotion, and of course being educated on the actual facts would be a big no-no for these people.

When one protestor was asked, “But if someone is threatening your life, you should be able to use a weapon to defend yourself, right?” Response: “No.”

So… you’re literally just going to stand there and let someone harm or kill you without a fight?

Other responses to questions were equally as idiotic.

One lady was very adamant that the NRA was un-American because they were only trying to make money. Even if that was true, isn’t capitalism at the heart of what makes America great?

The level of stupidity from this crowd has literally given me a headache.

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