[Video] You Don’t Train This Hard – Bag Over Your Head, Hands in Ice Water Tactical Shooting

April 14 2014
by GSL Staff
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I’m not really sure what is happening in this video.

On the one hand, the man powered, moving targets seem to actually be a very good training aid. I was on board with this video for a minute.

Then we get into spraying something in the shooter’s face while firing. OK… I guess you might have to shoot with rain or some kind of other liquid (OC spray, etc) in your eyes.

Then they lost me with the plastic bag over the head and over your shoulder with a compact mirror shooting drills.

Instructor Zero has been making the rounds on the Internet with many impressed with the guy’s shooting skills and critical of some of the tacticool aspects of some of the videos, but thanks to this video and others the dude’s Facebook page is now over 70,000 Likes so he’s definitely doing something right.

I guess this is supposed to be an “every possible scenario imaginable” type of training for people who might find themselves in a variety of situations. Not really sure, but it’s definitely “outside the box” from most training you see.

The guy is certainly an amazing shot. I don’t think I could ring steel while upside down on my back with that kind of accuracy. There are some other videos out there of him displaying super human shooting speed and accuracy as well.

How about a drill where you simulate dropping your firearm into a nest on angry bees and you have to calmly engage multiple moving targets as the full fury of the hive descends on you?

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