[Video] Watch Jerry Miculek Fire 5 Rounds From a Desert Eagle .50AE in 0.8 Seconds AND Get 5 Hits!

January 5 2014
by GSL Staff
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If you follow competitive and/or speed shooting, you’ve certainly heard of Jerry Miculek.

In this video, which Jerry released on New Year’s Eve, we see Jerry handle the granddaddy of semi-auto pistols, the Desert Eagle chambered in .50 Action Express.

The video is beautifully captured at 3600 frames per second and in the ultra slow motion you can see what good form for speed shooting really looks like. Keep in mind that the entire slow motion part of the video is actually less than a second.

I also notice how smooth and impeccable the timing on the Desert Eagle is in this video. In real time the DE looks like a violent hand cannon. However, in ultra slow-mo, the gun runs like a perfectly times and orchestrated symphony.

Even more surprisingly, all five shots were on target and actually formed a decent group considering the caliber and rate of fire.

According to the video description, the ammo being used is Hornady 50 AE 300gr XTP running at about 1,475 FPS.

I’m going to go ahead and wager a guess that if I attempted a similar feat, I wouldn’t even be able to pull the trigger five times in that time span, let alone keep it on target.

Jerry reminds us why he is one of the most regarded speed shooters in the world with this video.

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