[Video] Veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso Recreates “Yo, Homie?” Scene From ‘Collateral’

July 2 2014
by GSL Staff
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I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Dom Raso’s Media Lab on the new NRA Freestyle network and the latest episode is pretty good.

Dom and his team use Simunition to recreate the “Yo homie, is that my briefcase” scene from Collateral starring Tom Cruise.

I’m generally speaking not a huge Cruise fan, but for the movie, Cruise actually trained with former special forces instructors, using live ammo, until he could execute the drill in real life before shooting the scene.

His time on film was actually faster than the director wanted him to do it.

Dom and his crew also look at some of the other scenes from Collateral as well. Here is the description for the video,

The right skills and training will make you see the world differently. Dom Raso is always aware of his environment – a practice he’s learned from training as a Navy SEAL. In Media Lab Episode 9 “Yo, Homie,” Dom uses his skills and training to break down a scene from Collateral. Dom breaks down each action down to every detail, including wearing the same suit as Tom Cruise.

Dom also shows how Jamie Foxx could have escaped from being zip-tied to the steering wheel of his taxi. Find out how you can use skills and training to get out of any situation each week on Media Lab.

If you haven’t seen the clip from Collateral, here it is. Note: Tom Cruise did actually train with firearms instructors to accomplish this scene. It is all one take and it is actually Cruise in the scene, not a stunt double.

You can check out more videos at NRA Freestyle.

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