[Video] Trayvon Supporters Try to Stop Ted Nugent’s Performance in Connecticut

August 3 2013
by GSL Staff
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Public DomainAccording to WFSB, approximately 3,000 residents have signed a petition to try and stop a local performance by gun rights activist Ted Nugent over his comments on Trayvon Martin.

According to the article,

New Haven Activist Barbara Fair wrote a letter to the owner of Toad’s Place asking for the concert to be canceled because Nugent said Martin was a 17-year-old “dope smoking, racist gangsta wannabe” and that George Zimmerman had no reason not to attack.

Fair claims to have 3,000 signatures from other residents who agree with her.

However, despite the backlash it doesn’t appear the concert will be canceled and ticket sales are brisk.

Also from WFSB,

Glen Strother said he has not seen Nugent in 30 years and was excited to buy concert tickets Thursday.

“We’re going to be listening to serious rock and roll guitar,” Strother said. “Very few people can or have ever played as well as him.”

Nugent is a staunch Second Amendment supporters and activist. His rants against the current administration’s gun control policies and has frequently sparred with talk show host Piers Morgan (who is vehemently anti-gun) on the issue of gun rights.

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