[Video] Third Grader Schools Biden on Gun Safety and Self Defense in This Video

March 19 2013
by GSL Staff
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If you’ve been following our “Word of Wisdom with Joe Biden” series, you know that Old Joe has been giving out some interesting advice regarding self defense in the last couple of months.

Joe has advised people that a double barreled, 12 gauge shotgun is the absolute best self defense weapon available.

He also says people should follow the advice he gives his wife, if there is an intruder just fire two blasts off your balcony into the air (like you just don’t care…sorry).

If that doesn’t work Joe says you can always fire your shotgun right through a door if needed.

It doesn’t take a genius to know this advice is ridiculous and in the below video we learn that Joe is apparently not smarter than a third grader.


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