[Video] The First Graphic Commercial From Bloomberg’s New Grassroots Anti-Gun Organization

April 19 2014
by GSL Staff
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Unsecured, loaded gun stored in shoebox in a closet – check. Children in danger – check. Children who lack any safety instruction on firearms – check.

There you go, all of the elements for an anti-gun commercial from Michael Bloomberg.

That’s pretty high production value for a “grassroots” organization isn’t it?

Let me guess, Bloomberg would like to prevent these types of situations by passing some kind of legislation that targets an inanimate object rather than actual safety training.

Of course, the issue isn’t the message of the video, it’s the fact that Bloomberg is using it drive people to sign up for his new anti-gun political group which is going to be used to push for local and state legislation. If you click the “Will you stop this?” button towards the end, you will be taken to a page to sign up for the group.

The situation prevented in the video is entirely preventable by having one simple conversation with your child.

Predictably, both comments and ratings for this video are disabled on Youtube. That’s very “grassroots” of you.

Of course, celebrities couldn’t wait to get on the bandwagon of supporting this video. Gun rights writer David Codrea called out one hypocrite on Twitter.

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