[Video] The Beautiful and Knowledgeable S.E. Cupp Blasts Michael Moore, Bill Maher in Gun Debate

May 18 2013
by GSL Staff
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Journalist and gun rights advocate S.E. Cupp had a bit of a debate on the Bill Maher Show the other night.

I think we know Bill “The Second Amendment is Bullsh*t” Maher’s stance on guns, and the other guest that evening just happened to be “documentary” filmmaker Michael Moore. As you can imagine it made for a heated debate on the issue of gun rights.

Cupp made some excellent points regarding gun registries and expanded background checks, pointing out that such measure put a burden of proof on gun owners to show that they are eligible to own a gun rather than on the government to prove that they can’t (as is the requirement in court).

One interesting piece of info is that Maher admits to owning a gun, saying as long as others own guns, he will always own his.

It would also appear that celebrity guest Zach Galifianakis has anti gun leanings, clapping whenever anti gun measures are mentioned.

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