[Video] Tennessee Pawn Shop Owner Wants to Ship Guns to Ferguson to Arm Citizens

November 25 2014
by GSL Staff
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A pawn shop owner in Tennessee is taking a special interest in the situation that is ongoing in Ferguson, Missouri.

Harvey Whitehead says he wants to send firearms to the area to make sure that law abiding citizens are able to arm themselves.

According to WATE:

“Clearly there’s some unrest there, and when I saw local law enforcement encouraging locals to arm themselves, ‘Buy a gun, buy one soon,’ well, I wondered if there were enough guns locally in the local shops to meet the demands,”said Whitehead.

He went to Facebook to let Missouri residents know that if there is a shortage, he’s happy to provide firearms to people with a gun permit, who can pass a background check.

“We’d have to ship it to a federal firearms license holder in the state of Missouri in order to legally transfer the gun to a Missouri resident,” he said.

Violence errupted in Ferguson last night after a grand jury decided not to charge Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson with any crime in relation to the August shooting death of Michael Brown.

Over a dozen buildings were set ablaze with many of them being considered total losses. Several cars, including police vehicles, were also set on fire.

Numerous shops were looted. There were dozens of reports of shots fired. At one point, there was so much gunfire that firefighters were unable to fight the numerous blazes.

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