[Video] Special Needs Child Gets to Be Navy SEAL for a Day – Uses Explosives, Firearms

April 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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A six year old boy who was born with a neuromuscular condition that also affects his bones and joints got to live out his dream of being a Navy SEAL recently.

Mason Rudder got to set explosives and blow a door, handle (and fire) several firearms as well as take part in authentic SEAL training exercises.

According to The Navy Times,

Jared Ogden is a retired SEAL, and helping Mason through one of the biggest challenges of his young life. Mason was born with a neuromuscular condition that also affects his bones and joints. His mom says he’s already had 10 surgeries.

He was at a place Sunday where he could do what he loves: shoot guns and blow stuff up – after some weapons and explosives training.

This is very cool of Ogden as well as the boy’s parents. Many parents nowadays would never let a child around guns period, let alone explosives and the cool firearms used in the drills.

Mason’s mother seemed downright excited about her son’s handling of firearms and explosives (cool mom alert).

Also, thumbs up for some seriously tactical beards in the above video.

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