[Video] Soldier’s Target Practice With Air Rifle at His Home Results in School Lockdowns, Arrest at Gunpoint

February 21 2014
by GSL Staff
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A current active duty soldier and Iraq War veteran’s target practice with an air rifle landed him in hot water this week.

The soldier was shooting at a target he setup on the side of his home with an air rifle. One of the projectiles (likely a BB or pellet) struck the glass at an under construction home nearby. It’s unclear if a ricochet was to blame or if it was a bad miss.

Unfortunately for the soldier, a Homeland Security agent who was a potential buyer of the home was inside it at the time. He called in an active shooter situation to local authorities. This resulted in two nearby schools being shutdown, a massive police response, including SWAT teams as well as an armored vehicle, and the soldier, 25-year-old Ramon Hooks, was taken into custody at gun point. He now faces charges of criminal mischief.

According to KHOU,

Dionne Hooks thinks authorities overreacted.

“I’m being honest: You can tell a pellet gun when you look at a pellet gun,” she said.

Her husband, an active-duty soldier, now faces criminal mischief charges and more punishment when he gets home.

“He is in the dog house for a long, long time. He sure is,” Dionne said.

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