[Video] Sir Mix-a-Lot Understands the Second Amendment Better Than Politicians

April 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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Gangster rap from the early 90’s seems like an odd place for a pro gun message to pop up, but I was pointed to this little known Sir Mix-a-Lot (of Baby Got Back fame) song from 1992 which suprisingly contains a pro-gun theme and highlights the futility of gun control.

Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it does show pro Second Amendment supporters are an extremely diverse group.

Some of the lyrics to listen for:

The dope dealer sells dope to the dope smoker
The smoker breaks in and tries to choke ya
But I ain’t the one to run from ya son
This is MY HOUSE, and it’s FULLA GUNS!

When my house got robbed, a top notch job
Cops laughed while my mom just sobbed
9-1-1 only works for the rich ones
So I collect GUNS!

Gun control – I ain’t wit it
They banned the AK and any fool can STILL get it
The innocent have been beaten, bruised and scarred
But for this citizen, there ain’t no holds barred

Keep in mind, this message is from 21 YEARS ago. The anti gunners are still at it.

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