Video Showing a Porcupine Fending Off 17 Lions Shows How Weapons Can Level the Playing Field

November 7 2014
by GSL Staff
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I don’t think we’ve ever gone to the animal kingdom to make a point about firearms ownership, but here goes.

In the above video we see a well armed porcupine going up against a pride of 17 lions.

The fearless rodent has extreme confidence even when outnumbered by larger, faster, stronger adversaries, all because he is armed.

Ultimately, the lions retreat after deciding that dealing with a well armed victim simply wasn’t worth it.

While humans don’t have quills to defend ourselves from would be assailants, we do have the ability to own and master weapons, including firearms.

We’ve reported countless stories here in which victims who were older, smaller, slower and weaker than their attackers were able to fight back because they were armed with a firearm, the human equivalent of quills.

The porcupine in the video is an African crested porcupine for those that care.

The video was shot by Lucien Beaumont. You can read more about the video here.

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