[Video] Shop Owner Facing Eviction After Using Gun to Defend His Cookie Shop

August 9 2013
by GSL Staff
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The Southland Mall in Memphis, TN has a no guns policy. That policy apparently extends to business owners, workers and even security guards inside the mall.

However, one shop owner carried one at his cookie shop anyway, taking a “refuse to be a victim” mindset.

When three men stole cash from the register, the store owner drew his 9mm handgun, chased the suspects off, and, not very smartly in our opinion, fired three “warning shots” in the mall parking lot.

Now the owner is facing possible eviction from the retail space he leases from the mall due to his violation of the “no guns” policy.

According to WREG, no one was injured, but the warning shots were probably unwarranted. Bystanders agree,

“It could have been a smarter way for it but I guess it’s just a quick reaction based on his instincts and all that. You getting away with my stuff that I worked for and you trying to take it and think I’m not fixing to do nothing about it,” said an observer.

While there are no laws against warning shots in most places in the US, gun owners are legally responsible for every round fired from their gun, and firing guns into the air can have unpredictable, and sometimes lethal consequences.

There is no word on if the shop owner was legally carrying his gun or if he will face any criminal charges for his actions.

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