[VIDEO] Rape Survivor Confronts Maryland Lawmakers On Concealed Carry, Leaves Them Speechless

March 20 2015
by GSL Staff
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Jacqueline Kahn is a rape survivor who addressed the Maryland legislature earlier this week. Kahn was there to make a case for improving the state’s concealed carry laws. She argues that women should not lose the right to protect themselves just because they cross an imaginary line. Her impassioned speech left most of the lawmakers in attendance speechless.

Here are some of her comments:

I need you to know this is so incredibly difficult for me, but I feel like if I don’t humanize this, if I don’t make it clear how this legislation actually affects your daughters, your mothers, the women of this state, then it’s all just a bunch of numbers.

A man was arrested in my backyard with duct tape and scissors. I have never met that man, never heard his voice until I went to court.

I wish I could tell you that’s the only time I’ve been stalked, or that’s the only man who has stalked anyone in the state of Maryland. But there’s a huge number of women, who like me have been raped, who like me have been sexually assaulted — and we want the right to be able to do what we would be allowed to do throughout the majority of the rest of the United States. Which is, if we prove we are not criminals, that we are law abiding, that we are sane, etc, etc …

See all the green states? They actually follow this thing called the Second Amendment…

…When I’m in my house, I’m allowed to protect myself. But walking along the sidewalk, I’m not. So you make me into a criminal. You force me to decide, do I want to be judged by 12 or carried by six.

Maryland is currently a “may issue” carry permit state, which means you must prove a need for a permit before the state will issue you one. Many states are moving to a “shall issue” system where everyone gets a permit as long as they meet a minimum set of criteria set by law.

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