[Video] Politico Commentator Resorts to Insulting Wayne LaPierre Instead of Issues

March 26 2013
by GSL Staff
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I guess if you can’t successfully attack the issues, just attack the people on the other side.

Politico senior political reporter Lois Romano had some interesting comments about the NRA’ Wane LaPierre when she appeared on MSNBC.

LaPierre was recently on Meet the Press and talked about NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s spending on anti gun campaigns.

“I think before this whole fight is over, we’re going to be spending hundreds of millions of dollars on this,” Romano said. “You know, he made a very clever point. He’s trying to paint Bloomberg as a guy that’s just going to buy everything. But, the one thing that’s going on here is optics, and basically Bloomberg has on his side sort of this whole notion that it’s time to do something different. And Wayne LaPierre is looking like a tired, you know, old white guy that’s clinging on to something of the past.”


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