[Video] PEOPLE Magazine Rejects Photo Contest Entry of a Woman Holding a Gun – Twice

April 4 2014
by GSL Staff
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What’s going on over at PEOPLE Magazine?

According to the above video, the popular publication rejected not one, but two photos into a Beauty at Every Age photo contest where the woman was holding a gun.

After the first rejection, the woman and her husband took a second photo with different clothing, different gun, and made sure it was in focus and of proper size.

Once again, the photo was rejected. After submitting a third, gun-free photo, it was finally accepted into the contest.

It seems pretty clear that the first two photos were rejected due to the presence of the firearms.

The contest rules state that the judges can reject any photo at any time, for any reason, so the magazine was well within its own rules to reject the photos.

However, we have to wonder why PEOPLE considers a woman holding a firearm to be offensive or inappropriate.

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