[Video] NY Congresswoman Rants and Raves About Guns and Terrorism During Interview

April 29 2013
by GSL Staff
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Wow. Just wow.

NY Democratic congresswoman Carolyn Maloney really wants to make a connection between terrorism and background check laws.

Yeah Carolyn, I’m sure Mr. Terrorist is going to make sure he’s going through legal channels and properly undergoes a background check when he’s buying weapons for an attack.

I’m also sure he cares about whether the gun crimes he commits are misdemeanors or felonies as he makes a suicide attack.

“One thing that Congress can do right now is pass the gun-safety laws. As it stands right now, the next Tamerlan [Tsarnaev] can go to a gun show and buy all the guns he wants, all the weapons he wants, no problem, no questions asked. I think at the very least Congress should pass sensible gun-safety laws that law enforcement is asking for,” Carolyn Maloney said.

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