[Video] NOIR Episode 2: “Colorways and Gun Culture” – Breakdown and Analysis

May 19 2014
by GSL Staff
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If you haven’t heard or seen about Colion Noir’s new web series NOIR yet, you haven’t been paying attention.

The first episode and the lead up to the first episodes attracted some… well, OK A LOT of criticism from some far left media outlets.

The criticism ranged from critiquing the format of the show, the content of the show to actually calling out Noir as being an NRA manufactured hip, stylish, gun owner to market to a new generation. They even went as far as to call out his hat collection.

The first show was admittedly a little short, and was a little bit all over the place with topics, but it was cool to see a web based, talk show that centered around guns and I have high hopes it will only get better with time.

This week’s show focused mainly on the gun buying experience and greatly compared and contrasted the gun industry with the fashion industry. Now, I know this might be a turn off to a lot of people who wear their 5.11 tactical clothes 24/7 and are dressed for operator status on a daily basis. I totally agree that functional clothing is a huge help on the range, during competition and when carrying in certain ways. That said, I’m also a young guy who values fashionable clothes, nice watches, etc.

Believe it or not, it is possible to go from the pic on the left to the pic on the right all in 1 day (it’s also OK to wear a nice timepiece on the range).


Sorry if some people don’t get this, but if you want to attract a new generation of gun owners, Colion is right, you have to appeal to them in different ways. It’s not about buying a gun to be cool, it’s about guns fitting into the rest of your lifestyle and having a similar buying experience as other industries.

The best part of this week’s show – Colion calling out the media who says he is a manufactured product of the NRA,

GOTCHA! I’m actually a 12 year old white, Jewish kid who had a negroplasty and gets paid in hats!

I still think the show needs to work on their transitions between segments and possibly lay out what is going to be talked about before they get into the main discussion. I think the conversations, segments and opinions are all great, but sometimes I find myself wondering how we got to the current topic.

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