[Video] NJ Woman Blasts Anti Gun Lawmakers During Hearing “It’s Not Your Job To Protect Me!”

May 24 2013
by GSL Staff
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NEW_JERSEY_SEALHow many interesting videos are there from this NJ hearing? We’ve already published two extremely viral videos (here and here) from a recent hearing on NJ’s additional gun control measures.

Now we find this gem. This woman, Nora Craig, absolutely gets it and takes the anti gun lawmakers running the meeting to task.

Here is the transcript from the video.

“I do not respect an oath breaker,” she said. “Anybody who is holding a public office has taken an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. That does not mean you put how you ‘feel’ feel first… how you emotionally react to a tragedy first.”

“Because you think it’s better that I will be safer,” she continued, “you abrogate my constitutional rights. That’s breaking your oath and I have no respect for that.”

“I’m a mom and there’s only one thing that I’m afraid of and that’s the people in elected office taking away my rights,” she said.

Craig continued on this point. “I’m not afraid of the crook that’s going to come to my door because if my dogs don’t get him, I will. It’s my job to defend myself.”

“It’s not your job to protect me,” she told elected officials. “It’s not your job to defend me. It’s your job to protect the Constitution and protect my rights to defend myself.”

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