[Video] New Colion Noir Calls out Anti Gunners on Their Racism Towards His NRA Commentary

May 6 2013
by GSL Staff
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Boom. Hard hitting video from Colion Noir.

Noir really opens it up here and addresses the elephant in the room.

Yes, Noir is black. Yes, he is very well educated. Yes, he, ::GASP:: is a spokesman for gun rights.

Many media outlets have been saying Noir is just a mouthpiece for the NRA and was brought in to diversify their commentary.

However, Noir has one of the largest followings on Youtube of any gun rights personality. He’s been making regular videos for over 2 years now and has built his audience because he’s a good speaker with sound opinions.

Funny how these progressive liberals like to cut down someone based on race as soon as they disagree with their message.

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